Roger Dean Exhibition 2001: Cork Street Galleries, London, UK

Roger Dean will be holding the first major exhibition of his art in the UK since about 1976. Pieces of his work have probably been seen since then but even so probably not for over a decade so this is an excellent chance to catch with Roger's work and see many pieces for the first time. Entry is free so if you are in or near London it is well worth going.

The display is being held at The Gallery 28 Cork Street, London between 12th and 24th November 2001.

The following original art works will be on display:-

Cave (Greenslade Hermit's Cave)
`Z' Dome At Night (Acoustically Driven)
Magician's Birthday (2°d Panel Coloured)
The Sea Of Light
Blue Demon
Yellow City
Arches Splash
Space Needle
Centre Of The Earth
Rock Forms III
Rock Forms IV
Rock Forms V
Rock Forms VI
Dragons's garden

Along with original paintings visitors will also be able to see and purchase a series of fine print works roger has been working on since 1997. Back in the 1970's some of Roger's work was sold as posters. The main buyers were American students. There was great demand for these posters but not some albums such as Yes's Relayer album were painted small and wouldn't stand being blown up to a Poster size so Roger stopped releasing them.

Over the years there was been a great demand for Roger's work and his audience has grown up and wants some a bit more substantial than just a poster. Roger therefore set about creating a set of limited edition fine art prints.